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Truth be told, life has thrown some amazing curve balls this year. With lockdown and social distancing taking over our lives we are all having to do things we never thought we would. 

It’s safe to say that most people have been affected in some way. For many it’s meant working from home, more time lounging on the sofa watching Netflix or Disney+, and far more time not being as active as you once were. 

I have already seen how these changes to our lifestyles are starting to affect people. 

By the time Lockdown ends I predict there will be more people in more pain than ever before

…and this may already include you. 

You see, life for us all has changed greatly and with it comes unexpected stress and strain on our bodies in more ways than many realise.

For those who now work from home you will have gone from an ideal workstation to your kitchen table, sofa or bed. This new set up will have you sitting (or laying) in positions your body isn’t used to for hours at a time. This can put an unknown amount of stress on your body (even if it doesn’t yet feel like it). 

It’s also caused people to be more active and less active all at the same time. 

Many have started doing more with their time; from going for longer walks to exercising outside more. Both of which add their own stress on the body, especially if this level of movement is new to you. 

At the same time everyone is spending more hours sitting down at home which also adds its own stress on the body. 
On top of all this more DIY projects are now underway with people lifting, painting, moving, gardening and doing the jobs they may have put off for years.

All of these activities put more stress on your body than it is used to…

…It’s as if your body is playing a game of Jenga. Each block removed and added to the top of the tower is another small issue you may not yet feel. But, as more and more blocks are added the tower becomes unstable, eventually crumbling to the ground. 

This is where you feel the real impact of all the little problems on your life and happiness.

If you don’t already know me, I’m Dr Richard Gliddon (Chiropractor) and over the last 10 years I have had the privilege of helping treat thousands of people in and around London for all kinds of injuries, pains, discomforts and conditions using the ABC(™) method. 

I would love to send you a free copy of my book Unlocked where I have put together some of the most powerful and simple strategies you can use (from home) to help reduce the pain you feel or in many cases prevent the pain being there in the first place, all you need to do is cover the shipping. 

When your’s arrives you’ll discover...

  • Why the age-old-advice of “pulling your shoulders back, standing tall and tilting your hips” will never help you long term, in fact it may just hold you back from the pain free life you deserve,
  • ​How to use a variety of simple ‘at home’ assessments to see where what changes will make the best improvement in the quickest time,
  • ​5 detailed chapters dedicated to helping you release your peak potential and future proof your body so you can live the life you’d love to without worry, pain, or discomfort.
But, that’s not all. All the home based strategies in this book have been tried, tested and used by many of my own personal patients alongside their treatment with mind-blowing success. 

On page 44 you will see how… 
  • ...a 44 year old dance teacher with chronic foot pain was able to tap-dance again,
  • ​...a 29 year old office worker can now fall asleep instantly rather than sitting in bed awake for hours on end
  • ... a 69 year old retired teacher is free of their nerves and anxiety (yes, these strategies help here too!) 
These are just a small handful of the incredible successes we have seen. 

"Unlocked was Fantastic!"

"My copy arrived quicker than expected and I started reading the very same day. It's helped me truly understand the pain I am in and many ways I can start to reduce it from home. I really wish I knew this years ago, it would have helped save me so much discomfort and get me back to feeling like me again!"

"Read it!"

"This is a brilliant book, well written & very informative about a process that I'm going through at the moment and I know works. Read it and find it for yourself..."

"A Life Changer!"

"An absolutely brilliant book; I would advise strongly to read it and it might change your health and life in general! It helped me unlock my health further...A life changer"

"Fantastic Catalyst For Life"

"I loved this book; it has changed so many things that I do day-to-day to get a better life. very well written (and funny); it's had a huge impact on me!"

"So Inspiring"

"SO INSPIRING. You have a very nice way of explaining things simply and making them fascinating."

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Learn

  • The powerful difference between a gold medal winning olympian and someone who is depressed and lacking in confidence and how this one powerful tip can transform you in an instant (and no, it isn’t their athletic ability!)
  • How looking after this one area of your body can have a dramatic impact on your long term health and wellbeing -- Learn about this and more in Chapter 6
  • ​What has been linked with chronic pain, obesity, cancer, anxiety, heart disease and every serious chronic condition we face -- and how to overcome it (starts on page 175)
  • Which posture misalignment increases your death rate by a whopping 44%,
  • ​Why sitting is the new smoking, and how the invention of the chair is secretly and efficiently destroying your body,
  • Chapter 9 tells Ricardo’s story where you see him go from skeptical to having improved mood, sleep and posture all while performing better in the gym

As You Can See...

The principles and strategies in Unlocked could help save you years of pain, and have you performing better than you did 10 years ago!

Like I mentioned before, this book is free, all I ask is that you help me cover the postage costs so I can send it to you anywhere in the UK. 

Just in case you were wondering… There is no catch. 

I strongly believe everyone should be able to live their life in peak performance with no pain or suffering. 

If this book can help transform even one life, help even one person break free from the chains of discomfort, then this passion project has paid off. 

Getting your free book is simple, all you need to do is click the button below and let us know where you want it delivered. 

"It's incredible how effective it's been" - Kane, Publican

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know you will love this book, and I hope it makes the difference I know it can in your life. 

Dr Richard Gliddon

Ps. Just in case you’re just like me and skipped straight to the end, here’s the deal. 

I will send you a 263 page book ‘Unlocked’ completely free of charge. All you need to do is cover the postage costs and I'll send you the book out the very next day. 

No catch, no gimmicks, no worries. 

Click the button below to get your free copy now. 
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